What Inspires me Why.

Mr. CK Chiau believes that good and fair education should be accessible to everyone, after experiencing first hand how his family financial constraint cut short his dream to study abroad. This reason drives him to actively explore affordable study abroad options throughout the years.

The inception of MyStudy in 2008 is to provide services for students who want to pursue their tertiary education outside Malaysia. At that early stage, Mr. CK Chiau played every role from consulting students, submitting students’ application, following up with the institutions, applying students’ visa, etc.

To date, MyStudy has guided thousands of students to various institutions in Singapore and Europe, most notably Ireland where our work has been recognised and continuously supported by the Embassy of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland since 2010. Our greatest satisfaction is when we witnessed our students launching their international careers immediately upon graduation.

To provide a wider range of selection for our students, this year MyStudy forged a partnership with Campus Spain and the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain. This venture promises top notch education experience in Spain at even more reasonable academic fees.

Our alumni success stories are testimonial to our passion at MyStudy. Now with the birth of new brands – MyStudyIRL and MyStudyEU, we are committed to continuously improve our services and deliver the most neutral and informative advices to students and parents.

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